- In the last 6 months that I've used the Lifestream SE for 15min a day I have experienced an 80% reduction in my chronic muscular pain.

I've been trying to get rid of it for the last 15 years.

What the iPhone did to connection, the Lifestream does to well-being. It changes the game, it has changed my life. You need to think outside the box to understand what is inside this box.

- GB | 2022


You were designed for more.

Stop being diminished by the daily grind.
Regain your birthright of natural balance and wellbeing.
Sitting 15min a day in the Lifesstream's radiant energy is all it

*Limited Quantity Remaining*

Stress and aging lower our cell voltage.

The Lifestream Generator recharges your cells resulting in:

  • + Increased Mental Clarity

    + Deeper Sleep

    + Increased Energy

  • - Reduced Visible Aging
    - Reduced Stress

    - Reduced need for Stimulants

The Lifestream Story: Back to the Future

Invented by John D. Riley in 2005 the Lifestream Generator is a combined technological achievement based on 100 years of research from Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, and George W. Van Tassel.

In the last 17 years, John manufactured over 1000 devices that were built per
order and shipped to over 20 countries.

Now finally in 2022, a recent proprietary technological breakthrough allows for
the production of more significant numbers of generators.

As stressful lives and rampant E-Smog take their toll on our health the time is ripe for radiant energy.

Get ready to start living your life as it was intended: In Balance!

Start Lifestreaming in 3 easy steps

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    Place your order.
    Shipping in Oct. 2022

  • 2.

    Relax in the energy
    for 15min 6 days a week

  • 3.

    Share your results
    once a week with our
    evaluation team

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*Limited Quantity Remaining*

17 Years of Radiant Energy Results

Testimonials from The Lifestream Generator™ Family

  • The LIFESTREAM™️ has helped with my carpal tunnel tremendously!

    " I had the privilege of being introduced to the Lifestream 5 months ago in Miami. Now I use my SE every day. The Lifestream™️ has helped with my carpal tunnel so much! I noticed my overall mood & outlook have improved since I started working with this radiant energy!

    I started sharing the Lifestream™️ with my family & they all love it! I believe it has been life-changing in many ways for all of us. "

    - MMB | 2022

  • " I wanted to let you know that the generator has been working perfectly!

    It has helped my sister tremendously & she is doing phenomenally well. She is using it every day.

    Her last PET scan showed that all the previous lesions that were lit up on her spine have gone down to background level.

    Although I believe that overall, this is the result of the combined benefit of conventional medicine and various alternative treatments, I have no doubt that the Lifestream Generator contributes significantly.

    The generator has also been very helpful for my clients who have chronic pain due to various conditions."

    - LAN 2021


What is “radiant energy”?

Radiant energy is an electrical phenomenon observed and experienced at multiple variables of scale. Energy travels in waves, moving from a point of origin into the surrounding environment. 

The sun gives off radiant energy across a broad spectrum. The breadth of the sun’s energy fuels every natural process on earth. All biological systems respond to the energy in their environment. Ancient cultures around the world have revered places from where concentrations of energy are believed to radiate forth.  Clearing the mind, improving well-being, and expanding consciousness have long been associated with energy centers. 

The Lifestream Generator is a breakthrough technology that converts AC electric power into radiant energy.  Exposure to harnessed radiant energy through a Lifestream Generator has purportedly given many users improvement in health, mind, mood, and other well-being benefits.

Is the Lifestream Generator™ really new or just a different name for old technology?

The Lifestream Generator is new although it uses an older technology rescued from the obscurity which, when combined with other newer technological components, creates a radiant energy field that can be amplified and experienced.

The core technology which makes Lifestream Generator work stopped being produced over 70 years ago. Zero Point Research, LLC, recently newly manufactured this main component, using advanced state-of-the-art materials to generate a palpable radiant energy field.

Can radiant energy really make me feel better?

True radiant energy is the key to life. Without our Sun, Life as we know it could not exist.

Since our advancements in technology, we amplify frequencies within the natural spectrum to use for communication and various means. This means particular frequencies are a million times stronger (with technology) than what our normal exposure was before this time. EMF pollution is constant and has long-term effects on us especially if we are close to transmitters and electrical systems. The Lifestream Generator™ creates a large field of radiant energy. It is a pure energy generator (not frequency) and this is the key to reducing stress and bringing balance back to our systems as nature naturally does. You can bring radiant energy anywhere and stay balanced!

Does the Lifestream Generator™ really work?

Yes!  This claim is easily made based upon 17 years of feedback from thousands of people, worldwide, who have experienced the Lifestream Generator’s effects through radiant energy.

How is the Lifestream Generator™ SE Model different from prior Lifestream Generator™ models or other so called radiant energy devices?

The Lifestream Generator SE is the first radiant energy production model using a new advanced key component developed and manufactured by Zero Point Research, LLC.  The SE Model is an introductory level device; however, the Lifestream Generator SE is created from the latest manufacturing techniques and advanced materials.  The SE’s key component is newly designed and manufactured, as opposed to the previous seventeen years of Zero Point Research’s Lifestream Generators that were manufactured using rare older parts resourced from around the world.

What does SE stand for?

Special Edition

How does the SE Model work?

The Lifestream Generator™️ works by harnessing and amplifying an energy field that it then broadcasts within a radius from the device.

How do I use the SE Model?

By simply plugging in the SE Model and then turning a timer dial located on the unit. The Lifestream immediately creates a radiant energy field that you can experience ambiently and with which you can directly interact. You can place it near you and even touch it directly.

Will I get a shock from touching the SE Model?

No. If you directly touch the surface of the Lifestream Generator while it is on you will not get a shock. This is accomplished after you remove all metal jewelry before interacting directly with the device.  While using the Lifestream Generator, however, make sure to not come in contact with metal surfaces or objects as that will cause a strong static electric “zap” where the contact was made.